The Australian company testing a breakthrough treatment for Ross River

Existing drug could be repurposed to treat alphavirus patients around the world 7 MARCH 2017: A Melbourne biotech company is getting ready to test a breakthrough treatment that could be the first to combat the debilitating Ross River virus currently plaguing Australia. Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:PAR) is preparing to launch a Phase 2 clinical trial… Continue reading The Australian company testing a breakthrough treatment for Ross River


Unisys Corporation and CSIRO’s Data61 join hands for more secure Australian borders. Unisys Corporation and CSIRO’s Data61 today announced a collaboration to develop an advanced data analytics solution for automated security risk assessment of travellers and cargo at air, land and sea borders. Under the collaboration, Unisys will fund joint research with Data61 to develop… Continue reading Unisys Corporation and CSIRO’s Data61 COLLABORATION FOR FASTER AND MORE SECURE BORDER


The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) said the trade figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) represent a better than expected start to the retail year with 3.11% total growth year-on-year. Post-Christmas spending estimates by the ARA and Roy Morgan Research predicted sales growth of 2.9% over this period, and exceeding this figure… Continue reading JANUARY RETAIL SALES EXCEED EXPECTATIONS

Type 2 diabetes. Over 500,000 Australians have it but don’t know.

New figures show the extent to which Australians are using insulin to treat their diabetes. Figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) reveal that in 2015, 28,775 Australians treated diabetes with insulin. Of this number, almost two thirds (63 per cent) had type 2 diabetes. Almost all (92 per cent) of new… Continue reading Type 2 diabetes. Over 500,000 Australians have it but don’t know.


Tackling Australia’s obesity crisis is a high priority for the Federal Assistant Minister for Health, Dr David Gillespie, who today chaired the sixth meeting of the Healthy Food Partnership in Canberra to discuss action on providing consumers with healthier food choices. “I am very pleased that all delegates agree that the most valuable way of… Continue reading HEALTHY FOOD PARTNERSHIP – TACKLING AUSTRALIA’S OBESITY CRISIS

Heatwaves are Sydney’s deadliest threat

February is Sydney’s Hottest Calendar Month of 2017.   Heat waves pose a more deadly and destabilising threat to the Sydney metropolitan area than all other potential natural or unnatural disasters, with Sydney’s Chief Resilience Officer Beck Dawson calling for a greater level of planning and preparation to combat future heatwaves. Following Sydney’s hottest calendar… Continue reading Heatwaves are Sydney’s deadliest threat

Woolies should honour its $70 million deal with SPC-Government.


SPC tomotoes Woolies.jpg
Woolies cannot create havoc with lives of farmers by dumping the $70 million, 5 year deal with SPC to supply it with tinned tomatoes.

Deputy Nationals Leader and Minister for Regional Development Fiona Nash has called on supermarket giant Woolworths to honour its five-year deal with Australian-owned cannery SPC.


“Woolworths was happy to cash in on the good publicity when it announced a five-year, $70 million deal with SPC when national attention was focused on the issue. Woolworths said its sales of tinned fruit increased 48 percent when it switched to SPC.

“Now we learn Woolworths has already dumped SPC as a tinned tomato supplier for its Woolworths brand and we read the supermarket is in talks with SPC over the future of supplying other lines to the supermarket.

· Woolworths cashed in on goodwill around SPC with a 48 percent increase in sales of tinned fruit after announcing a five-year, $70 million deal with the Aussie cannery
· Woolworths has now dumped SPC as tinned tomato supplier
· Woolworths cannot play havoc with the lives of farmers, cannery workers and businesses who made decisions based on that deal: Woolworths must keep its word

“As Regional Development Minister I often say businesses and country communities need certainty. Promising a five-year deal and then reviewing it or ripping it up midway through destroys certainty. It leaves businesses and families no confidence. It plays havoc with the lives of farmers and factory families who’ve made important decisions based on Woolworths’ word.

“The Goulburn Valley fruit grower, the cannery worker’s family and countless family businesses in Shepparton including tradies, newsagents and bakeries have all made decisions with Woolworths $70 million word in the front of their minds. To rip the rug out from under them would be appalling corporate behaviour.

“It’s critical Woolworths keeps its promise to farmers, the Australian public, the people of Shepparton and the media.”

Woolworths had claimed in a media release its deal with SPC was a win for “farmers, customers and the Australian economy”. See Woolworths media release below:

Woolworths extends support for SPC and fruit growers

Woolworths supermarkets have today announced a deal for iconic Australian fruit processor SPC Ardmona to supply all Select brand deciduous fruit for the next five years in a win for farmers, customers and the Australian economy.

It builds on a deal announced last year when Woolworths brought supply of these products back to the Australia supplier and will see tinned apricots, peaches, apples and pears supplied by SPC for the long-term. Importantly, this new arrangement includes additional supply of tinned tomatoes for the Select range, which means even more growers stand to benefit.

Tjeerd Jegen, Managing Director of Supermarkets and Petrol, said he was pleased the $70 million deal would give the company, their workers and growers some long-term certainty.

“We know that our customers want to buy good Australian grown products and this deal will see Woolworths Select brand tinned fruit continue to be grown in Australia by Australians.

“Following our switch to SPC supplied canned fruit, sales increased by 48 percent. This is the first time we have seen growth in the canned fruit category for some time.

“This brings certainty to SPC and the farmers who supply our select brand so they can now invest in their businesses with the confidence of knowing Woolworths will stand beside them for the long-term.

“Woolworths will, of course, continue to sell SPC’s brands like SPC, Goulburn Valley and Ardmona. Together this means SPC Ardmona will be Woolworths’ largest supplier of tinned fruit.”

Minister Nash said buying Australian meant Australia’s clean green farmers would prosper.

“Australia has the best food safety and environmental standards in the world. Most other countries do not have the environmental and food safety standards we have.

“Buying Australian means clean green food for you and jobs for Australia’s regions. It means prosperous Australian farmers.”